Support system for New Immigrants of Canada


Immigration has become a key component of Canada's population and labour force growth. This is particularly true for more rural communities, which often experience an out migration of youth combined with an aging local population.

Saugeen Connects recognizes how welcoming immigrants and newcomers holds many benefits for our communities. Immigrants not only enhance the cultural vibrancy of our towns, they also contribute to local economic growth when they fill employment positions, open new businesses or invest in the community. As such, part of the work Saugeen Connect does includes raising awareness amongst the business community of the benefits of hiring immigrants, and connecting with regional partners in the settlement sector, such as the Peel Newcomer Centre, to showcase the business and investment opportunities in our area.


Collaborate with the Newcomer Centre of Peel and other immigration service providers, produce and promote a community prospectus for the area; identify area ethnic concentrations to collaborate with immigrant intake; initiate two bus tours, one for prospective immigrant workers, one for prospective immigrant business entrepreneurs, buyers, investors and partners.

Challenges and Opportunities:

Grey County Employer One 2017 survey findings reported that 41% of businesses have hard to fill positions with 55% planning to hire in 2017. 67% of employers rated availability of skilled workers as fair-poor. 23% spent a year trying to fill the hard to fill positions. See supporting letter for stats from Wellington County.

Project Outcome/Benefits:

Labour force development, employee/employer retention, Economic & population growth, Protection of community tax base and sustainability of essential services, Positive impact on average community age, Increase in labour pool, Import of higher level skills sets to advance businesses and innovation, Monetary wealth to the communities, Cultural diversity, Business and technical skills transfer to the area, Introduction of new ideas, technology, business and new networks from regional to global, Increase in quality of life in the communities, Ethnic segment concentration to leverage community support, attract similar ethnic immigrants and attain critical mass to initiate additional business opportunities


2018 Business Buyer/Investor Bus Tour