What have you learned from starting and running your own business?
“I have learned about marketing and social media, I have also learned about running a business is a lot of fun!”
- Garret” Chuckles” Schouten/Balloon Animals

If you attended training which session was your favourite?
“I attended all four training sessions and my favorite was the topic of Controlling Conflict. I particularly enjoyed this session because I was able to relate to many instances in my everyday life when knowing the advice he spoke about, would have been beneficial. Most importantly, I was able to use the information I learnt that night, to help me succeed in my business. I want to thank Saugeen Connects and all the sponsors for an amazing program. I have a lot more to learn as a young entrepreneur, but I’m on my way to a successful business, thanks to all your support”
- Kylie Lantz/French Tutor

Can you share 2 or 3 experiences you have gained as an entrepreneur?
“How to save money, how to gain knowledge from workshops and speakers and apply it to our situations. Also custom service skills”
- Sarah Allman/Mental Health App

What have you learned from starting and running your own business?
“I learned that it costs money to make money. I learned that it’s more fun with a partner to share the work with. I learned that I have to work every day to make my business a success”
- Zasha Ortman/Farm Fresh Eggs

Are you going to continue with your business after the summer? Why?
“We will most likely continue our business after the summer because we think we did a good job and we also had a lot of customers for just starting and if we continue we would probably gain more customers”
- Olivia Rushton/The Cookie Jar

Saugeen Student Start-Up Program

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Saugeen SSUP About the Program

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Youth Development & Retention

Attract and retain youth. Repatriate youth to re-settle in the area. Youth entrepreneurship.

Activities: Offer eight-week soft skills training programs for youth across the Saugeen Connects catchment. We will market and promote the program, schedule transportation for participants and match entrepreneurial youth with mentors.

Saugeen Connects rural areas are facing challenges with regards to investment attraction, human capital development and furnishing the infrastructure and amenities that leverage economic growth.

Challenges and Opportunities:

Businesses are communicating that the labour force lacks soft skills, thus training needs to begin at an early age (gr8). Youth will leave but eventually some want to return to their roots, this repatriation will be more successful with our succession matching tool, as well with the guarantee of employers remaining..

Project Outcome/Benefits:

Increase in productivity and employee satisfaction overall for local businesses, Increase in local business profitability and growth, Stabilization of aging community trend, Increased age diversity in the community, Opportunity to increase Quality of Life for youth residents, Increased ability to attract higher education services, Ability to retain youth and repatriate youth to return.

We believe that our youth have an impact on our community and are the source of skills, labour force and entrepreneurship for our future!

Saugeen Connects will contribute to building knowledge and taking action that matches development with local opportunity. We want to assist our youth in finding meaningful employment. Attracting and retaining these valuable community assets is important to us.

How is the Saugeen Connects area investing in youth?

Launch Pad Youth Activity & Technology Centre


Youth can explore their curiosity and discover their niche to enhance their skill set at Launch Pad. Open to youth 12 to 18, Launch Pad provides a safe, inclusive and engaging environment where youth can participate in programs and initiatives that connect them to their community while fostering positive social interactions and personal skills development.

Northern Wellington Youth Action Councils
Minto Youth Action Council

Wellington North Youth Action Council

The Northern Wellington Youth Action Councils give their respective Councils recommendations and input about issues that youth face in the community, along with suggestions to make improvements. Youth starting at the age of 13 have the opportunity to plan and participate in events and activities, such as teen dances, the Santa Claus Parade, Youth Week and more. They provide new ideas for recreation programs and promote teen programs and events.

What are some upcoming activities that will be offered through the Saugeen Connects initiative?

Saugeen Student Start Up Program: See Below

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